Work Experience

I currently work as the Head of Infrastructure and Technology for a Peterborough-based IT solutions provider. I have experience with the following:

Core Specialities:

Servers: Planning (full life cycle) and provisioning and roll-out of bespoke and highly-available Azure cloud solutions, complex clustered server environments (on-prem, cloud, datacentre), client migrations, and senior-level 3rd line support. I have expert knowledge of daily administration, backup (cloud/local), hardware diagnostics/upgrades, update/patch management of Server 2008-2016 and a mix of Red Hat/CentOS and Ubuntu Linux.

Virtualisation: Extensive expertise with Hyper-V on Server 2008-2016, using Windows and Linux guests, including complex clustered Azure, cloud, datacentre and on-premise solutions. I also have experience of VMware vCentre, vSphere and ESXI.

Workstations: Microsoft Office 2010-2016, Office 365, Windows 7/8/10 workstations in Workgroup and domain-based environments. Hardware/OS level fault diagnostics, management of update/patch life cycle, drivers and Windows 7 to 10 migrations (in-place and clean).

Infrastructure: Building, implementing and supporting complex, multi-cluster infrastructure. System Center 2012-2016, SC VMM, SOFS, SANs, Clusters, AD, DNS, DHCP, GPO and RDS (singular and farm) deployment and management. Router and switch administration, network printers, VPN, RDS, TCP/IP, WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi implementation, firmware management and fault diagnosis.

Email: Planning, migration and extensive technical support of Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft Exchange 2010-2016, Office 365 and email archiving solutions. Daily administration of users, group permissions, and mailbox settings. Planning, implementation and update management, including DAG, high-availability and clustered environments using Azure, private cloud, datacentre, on-premise virtualised and physical servers.

I enjoy working on projects covering the above technologies. If you have a project that would interest me, please get in touch.