About me

I’m Lee Kaelin, I’m 36-years-old and from the United Kingdom.  For many years, two of my biggest interests have been cars and IT.  I worked as a mechanic in my early 20’s and while I no longer turn a spanner, I do still enjoy getting my hands dirty when the opportunity arises.  These days my driving passion is IT – particularly infrastructure, cloud and security.  I consider myself incredibly fortunate to work in this industry. 

I feel it is important to spend time away from the keyboard too. I’m a loving father to a beautiful 9-year-old girl and thoroughly enjoy opening her mind to new experiences, culture and activities. We both love to bake (I’ll freely admit I’m not the best baker!), cook and learn new things.  I love travelling and sharing new experiences with my amazing fiancé – from nights away to weekends and trips further afield.  I also enjoy writing and publishing articles on this website when the time allows.

2018 was a very hectic but thoroughly enjoyable year with plenty of surprises.  Most notably, my now fiancé proposing to me in front of a huge Christmas Tree at a packed Sundance Square in Downtown Fort Worth!  I, of course, said yes!  2019 is set to be even more exciting as I start fresh challenges in a new job, move home and explore many more new places.  I’m also incredibly excited to begin my journey as a married man at the end of March, to the most amazing and inspiring lady I have ever met.